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Photograph by Adam Gibson

Photography by Adam Gibson


We are amalgamations of the universe. Parts of history spanning not thousands; but billions of years make up each one of us. We perceive our urban landscape as bland and utilitarian, when in fact surrounding us are materials from a far-flung super nova, forged before this earth began.


So how can all materials not be regarded as precious?

Since 2010, Emma has worked with concrete as a material in jewellery.

She has a vivid memory of walking along Swanston street, with heightened senses in new surroundings, she was struck by the observation that concrete and asphalt had covered the earth’s surface. It was everywhere but its ubiquity made it somehow invisible.  It covered the earth, right up to the trunks of trees lining city streets.  The contrast was apparent compared to home town of Hobart, Tasmania, where wilderness is closer.


 From this experience,  Emma began exploring ways to use concrete in jewellery, recontextualizing it by framing it on the body. Parallel to material exploration is the ongoing investigation of ways technology can be embedded in jewellery to add a deeper level of connection and engagement with a piece. Compelled by a curiosity for secret codes, Emma’s practice looks at how jewellery can tell stories through materials, and continually investigates innovative ways technology can enhance the experience of jewellery.


Graduating from UTAS in 2002 with a BFA, Emma returned to a diploma in jewellery design study at TAFE in 2010  . Her work has been exhibited to a national and international audience and her work is held in the MONA collection.

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