Photograph by Adam Gibson
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Photography by Adam Gibson


We are amalgamations of the universe. Parts of history spanning not thousands; but billions of years make up each one of us. We perceive our urban landscape as bland and utilitarian, when in fact surrounding us are materials from a far-flung super nova, forged before this earth began.


So how can you not regard all of these materials to be precious?

Since 2011, Emma has been exploring concrete as a material in jewellery. She enjoys distorting perception of a common material that is usually seen in an enormous scale, down to a scale that can be worn on the body as a piece of jewellery.  She has worked alongside industry professionals to refine concrete processes they would use, from a pre-cast slab down to that of jewellery.

Emma's work often contains particles from significant sites embedded in the concrete to connect people to stories and memories.

Commissions and custom designs are available 
If you're a student doing a project, feel free to reach out and I'll make every effort to reply
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