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"...Bugg's jewellery embodies an expression of solidity, groundedness and finesse"

Professor Leanne Dowse

Gilded memories Charm Necklace
Dar Una Higa Brooch, 2013
Thylacine Locket, De extinction project
Third Nipple Necklace for Kirsha Kaechele, 2024
D Slab Necklace Detail
Slab necklace (reversible) 2014
Moissanite rings
Third Nipple necklace, back detail
Big Mac brooch 2020
Shrapnel necklace + Versus brooch
U Turn necklace 2014
Pyrite power ring
, 2022
Solitaire oxidized ring
Lucky Rabbit necklace body
Ned ring
Observatory Necklace
Innercity necklace double reversable necklace
Risen necklace detail, 2013
Breezeblock necklace
Halfway house earrings
Blue metal ring
Slater necklace
Peacock Code Brooch

Burger Brooch

i n s t a g r a m

Big Mac Brooch

Big Mac Brooch, Edition #2, 2020

A Moment to Reflect: Thylacine De extinction Project. Photo Credit: Matthew Stanton
Concrete brooch in silver setting with pink angora detail

Locket containing Thylacine hair and DNA
Photo Credit: Matthew Stanton

should we bring back the thylacine?
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Emma Bugg is a Tasmanian artist who creates jewellery using precious metals paired with unconventional materials. She is a co-founder of State of Flux Workshop, a contemporary jewellery gallery and workshop founded in 2020.

Emma experiments with connective technologies such as NFC tags and QR codes to tell captivating stories through her creations. She is interested in collaborating with scientists to make complex information more accessible and engaging for a broader audience. 

Emma's professional career began in 2010, and her unique jewellery has garnered international recognition,  and features in prestigious collections such as MONA and Science Gallery Melbourne She envisions a convergence of science and art to create compelling wearable sculptures that challenge conventional boundaries and inspire people to see the world from a fresh perspective.

 Contact Emma for private commissions or ring-making workshop enquiries

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