Selection of work from 2010 - 2020

Ned ring commission
Risen necklace detail
Ashes cufflinks
Concrete pendant
Brass and Iron earrings
Darwin Glass pendant
Meteorite Ring
Gold ring 2.jpg
Gold ring 1.jpg
Concrete Square.jpg
Square Concrete ring
Concrete pillar necklaces
Hollow form ring with concrete
Brass and Iron earrings
Gold Silver Earing 3.jpg
On the Side earrings
Inner City necklace
cockring worn and box
Redesigned sapphire earrings
Redesigned jewellery
Redesigned ruby earrings
InnerCity necklace (reverse)
Dar Una Higa
Survey necklace
Cultured and Manly cufflinks
smlcock earrings
Cultured and Manly cufflinks
Cultured and Manly cufflinks
Blue metal cufflinks
The Love Brooch project
Brickworks necklace
Black eyed pea earrings
Blue metal facet
Flipside ring
Concrete dome studs
Observatory necklace
City pendant
Slab necklace 2013
Amoeba necklace
Risen necklace
Risen necklace
3D Deco earrings
Alchemist ring #1
Alchemist ring #2
Over lap necklace
Power button necklace detail
punctuate earrings EB .jpg
Stack rings EB.jpg
cuttlefish cast ring
59. Pyrite power ring.jpg
66. crownlace#2.jpg
67. crownlace3.jpg
5. & 6. iseefaces necklace whole.jpg
1. Seeing in dark studs.jpg
37. Elytra earrings.jpg
Inverted rings 2 HM copy.jpg
30. Mountain man cufflinks sideview.jpg
29. U turn necklace.jpg
19. Earth and space earrings Sml.jpg
25. Earth and Space necklace Lrg detail.jpg

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Risen necklace

This piece was created in tribute to those who lost houses in the 2013 Tasmanian bush fires. It contains ash collected from the Tasman Peninsular bushland. Money raised from the sale goes towards assisting victims rebuild their homes.